Mutant Weight and Mass Gainer
Mutant Weight and Mass Gainer (Content: 6800 Gramm)

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Mutant Weight and Mass Gainer Cookies&Cream
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Mutant Weight and Mass Gainer

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Content: 6800 Gramm (€1.03 * / 100 Gramm)

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PVL Mutant Mass - Lean and massive muscles with the Mutant Mass from PVL! As a revolutionary... more
Product information "Mutant Weight and Mass Gainer"

PVL Mutant Mass - Lean and massive muscles with the Mutant Mass from PVL! As a revolutionary protein powder, enriched with high-quality nutrients that provide the body with the necessary fuel during the day and promise rapid muscle gains.

What is the Mutant Mass by PVL?

The Mutant Mass by PVL is a multi-component gainer whose carbohydrate suppliers are made from real and wholesome natural products. With 1050 calories per serving and a multi-component matrix of protein and carbohydrate sources, this weight gainer will support any offseason or mass phase. Especially if your primary goal is to build muscle, this product is the right choice for you. Many weight gainers are often stretched with worthless ingredients, which is not the case with PVL's Mutant Mass. Here you will find completely different and high-quality sources of carbohydrates, whose sources are derived from the following: Maltodextrin, oatmeal and waxy corn starch. This patented Vextargo Clean-Carb Matrix provides your body with quality and allows for pure mass building. The macro- and micronutrients naturally bound in it support the metabolism and added enzymes facilitate the digestion process. The whey protein concentrate used in Mutant Mass is cold gently produced and ultra-filtered. In addition, the protein matrix contains micellar milk protein, which also enables a longer-term protein supply. This ensures high biological value and extended bioavailability. As a balanced and complete carbohydrate-protein combination, this weight gainer formula is a virtually sugar- and starch-free alternative to common competitors on the market. Natural sweeteners like sucralose provide an optimized taste.

Advantages of Mutant Mass Weight Gainer:

  • low glycemic index
  • valuable proteins and carbohydrates
  • Developed on a scientific basis
  • Provides extreme mass building
  • 52g protein per serving
  • naturally long lasting energy release
  • naturally long lasting nutrient release
  • high quality whey protein concentrate
  • delicious and digestible taste
  • High quality mass building
  • Quality product from PVL

For whom is this Mutant Mass Weight Gainer suitable?

This weight gainer is definitely for mass building and is rather not suitable for dieting. The offseason or pure muscle building are a good option for the use of this product. Optimally, this weight gainer can be taken with breakfast or as a proper snack. Each serving has 1,050 calories and contains 52g of protein from ten different protein sources that maintain protein synthesis in the short and long term. In addition, Mutant Mass contains waxy cornstarch, high molecular weight carbohydrates and patented Lipotherm™, a blend of lean fats that optimize hormone balance. The product also contains absorption nutrients and blood sugar stabilizers to deliver nutrients quickly to the muscles, creating the perfect anabolic environment for muscle growth through Mutant Mass.

Geschmack: Chocolate, Cookies&Cream, Vanilla
Inhalt: 6800 g
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Nährwertangaben Portion:2 Messlöfel (130g) Portionen pro Packung: 52+   pro... more
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Portion:2 Messlöfel (130g)
Portionen pro Packung: 52+

 pro Portion% Tägl. Bedarf
Calories 525  
Total Fat 9 g  
Saturated Fat 1,5 g  
Trans Fat 0 g  
Cholesterol 30 mg  
Sodium 175 mg  
Total Carbohydrates 85 g  
Sugar 14,5 g  
Fiber 4,5 g  
Protein 26 g  
Vitamin A 0%  
Vitamin C 0%  
Calcium 20%  
Iron 0%  

Aminosäurenbilanz pro 260 g Pulver

Alanin/alanine 2 g  
Arginin/arginine 1,2 g  
Asparaginsäure/aspartic acid 5,1 g  
Cystin/cysteine 1,2 g  
Glutaminsäure/glutamic acid 3,4 g  
Glutamine 6,9 g  
Glycin/glycine 1,2 g  
Histidin/histidine 0, 8g  
Isoleucin/isoleucine (BCAA) 3,3 g  
Leucin/leucine (BCAA) 5,2 g  
Lysin/lysine 4,2 g  
Methionin/methionine 0,7 g  
Phenylalanin/phenlyalanine 1,7 g  
Prolin/proline 3,4 g  
Serin/serine 2,6 g  
Threonin/threonine 3,4 g  
Tryptophan/tryptophan 0,8 g  
Tyrosin/tyrosine 1,8 g  
Valin/valine (BCAA) 3,1 g  
*%RDA = prozentualer Anteil der empfohlenen Tagesverzehrmenge (basiert auf einem Tagesbedarf von 2000 Kalorien)    
Inhaltsstoffe / Weitere Inhaltsstoffe von Mutant Mass Clean-Carb™ Preblend [Vextrago™ Brand... more

Inhaltsstoffe / Weitere Inhaltsstoffe von Mutant Mass

Clean-Carb™ Preblend [Vextrago™ Brand High Molecular Weight Carbohydrate (Mw 1,000,000 - 1,200,000; From Barley Starch), Maltodextrin, Levulose, Corn Solids, Inulin (From Chicory), Soy Fiber, Wheat Fiber], IsoStack10™ Protein Matrix Preblend [Multi-Whey Blend (CFM-92 And ISO-95 Whey Protein Isolate, WPC-85 And WPC-80 Whey Protein Concentrates, Whey-80P {Peptides}), Milk Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Calcium Caseinate, Fat Free Eggplete™ Egg White, & Fat Free Egg Yolk Protein Isolates], LipoTherm™ Super Sport Oil Problend [MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides From Fractionated Coconut Oil), CLA From Sunflower Oil, Flax Seed Oil Powder, Borage Oil Powder], Cocoa, IntraSorb5 Calorie Uptake Preblend [Bio-Immune Colostrum (High Immunoglobulin, Lactoferrin, EGF, IGF-1 & IGF-2), Insu-Drive Complex (Alpha Lipoic Acid, D-Pinitol, Inositol, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine)], Natural Flavors, Sucralose, Soy Lecithin.

Einnahmeempfehlung Mischen Sie 2 Löffel Mutant Mass mit 300ml Wasser, Milch oder Saft, 1-4mal... more


Mischen Sie 2 Löffel Mutant Mass mit 300ml Wasser, Milch oder Saft, 1-4mal täglich. Für nur 27g Protein, geben Sie nur einen Löffel und 150ml Flüssigkeit.

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